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About me and the things I do...

My passions are mountains and sports. I usualy travel by bike. Im a geographer and come from Cluj, Romania.

I owe these mostly to my family. In Cluj, where I spent my childhood, I discovered with my family the passion for nature and travelling. Tarniţa lake in summer and Băişoara (ski resort) in winter where my favorite spots. I had my first experience with skiing in my fathers backpack. Then I started skiing on my own on the hills around the town and was swimming for the first time in Tarniţa. Since my brother gave me a bicycle and my parents allowed me to ride further then the town's surroundings, I started discovering the Carpathians by bike, cycling from the northern part of the country, Bucovina, down to the Danube gorges in the south. But after my mother bought me a world atlas, Romanias borders were not any more the limits for my trips. As a consequence, 1997 I went cycling through former Yugoslavia.

In summer 1998 I finished the german department of "George Coşbuc" high school. Three months later, after an adventureous cyclotouristical expedition to Turkey and Northern Cyprus I was studying at the german departments of Geography and Journalism at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj.

After another amazing biketour in Scandinavia reaching Europes northernmost point, North Cape, fall of 1999 brought me with a scholarship to Tübingen, Germany. Finding exactly the area in geography which I was interested in, Geography of Developing Countries I decided to keep on studying there until finishing graduate studies. My regional focus is Latin America. This explains why I spent most of the time since 2002 in that region. First, in september of 2002 I went with a field trip to Bolivia. After that I cycled for half a year through the Andes way south until southern Patagonia and back from northern Chile to Lima. It took me less than half a year to come back again, this time for studying a semester in Mendoza, Argentina and for an internship in Santiago de Chile at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). From september 2004 to march 2005 I was in Rio de Janeiro, where I studied at the Federal University, interned for a short while at the Consulate General of Romania and for three months at the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of UN-HABITAT.
From may to december of 2006 I was in Arequipa, southern Peru for an internship at COPASA-GTZ, collecting data for my final thesis about disaster risk management. During the weekends I tried to escape to the mountains, doing some hiking on the snowcaped peaks of the Andes.
I graduated from university in november 2007. At that time I already had been accepted for a postgraduate study 2008 in Berlin at the SLE - Center for Advanced Training in Rural Development. In summer of 2008 I went again to Peru, this time for an assessement for the DED (German Development Service) of the peruvian civil society. At the beginning as well as at the end of my journey I went hiking to the Andes in order to have a good work-leasure balance.

In february of 2009 I started a new chapter in my life. After spending ten years at the university and over three years in Latin America, it was time to have a change. I am working now in Africa. I will be in Baraka, DR Congo until december of 2010 working in an GTZ emergency aid project.

This page is online for a couple of reasons. The first one is the promise made to the sponsors I had during my bike tours of advertising them this way. Then, I want this page to be a platform for supporting cyclotourism in Romania and in the other places I have visited, different ideas and organizations. As well, I would like to serve as an information pool for other bikers, students and friends. Finaly, it is also a kind of personal foto-album, whenever I am far away from home and the loved ones, I look to some pictures and read my own stories.

I hope you will find what you are searching for on this page, if not, you might discover something new.

Călin & Maria
Călin & Stefan
Mamcsi & Stefan



Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung


january - december 2008
Postgraduate study - International Developement Cooperation

Eberhard - Karls University Tübingen


october 1999 - november 2007
Geography of Developing Countries, Political Sciences

Babeş - Bolyai University

Cluj - Napoca

september 1998 - september 1999
Geography, German, Journalism
february - april 2006
Risk Assessment and Environmental Security

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


august - december 2003
Exchange - Geography

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

september - december 2004
Exchange - Geography


Entwicklungspolitische Diskussionstage 2008

Klimawandel im ländlichen Raum der Tropen: Nasse Füße, leerer Magen - jetzt auch noch an die Umwelt denken?!

SLE Peru Studie 2008

Stärkung der Zivilgesellschaft. Bewertung des DED Beitrages in Peru in den Bereichen Demokratieförderung sowie Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung und Friedensförderung

Klimawandel im ländlichen Raum der Tropen: Nasse Füße, leerer Magen - jetzt auch noch an die Umwelt denken?! Stärkung der Zivilgesellschaft. Bewertung des DED Beitrages in Peru in den Bereichen Demokratieförderung sowie Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung und Friedensförderung

2,05 MB

Diplomarbeit an der Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen zur Erlangung des akademischen Titels Diplom-Geograph
Die Integration der Risikoanalyse in Raumordnungsprozesse.
Eine Chance für nachhaltige ländliche Entwicklung in Castilla, Arequipa, Peru?

9,81 MB

SS 03

Modernisierung der Landwirtschaft mittels Bewässerungsfeldbau und Aufforstung

HS Regionale Entwicklungsplanung in Bolivien
Protokoll zum Geländepraktikum in Bolivien

SS 02

Staatsreform in Peru

HS Der Beitrag der CEPAL zu den lateinamerikanischen Entwicklungstheorien

WS 01/02

Integrierte ländliche Entwicklung und regionale Entwicklungsplanung. Das Beispiel der Programme POLONOROESTE, PRODEAGRO und PLANAFLORO im südwestlichen Amazonasgebiet Brasiliens

HS Raumplanung in Entwicklungsländern


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